Credit Card Processing on The Go


Credit Card Processing on The Go

Canadian business owners are constantly looking for new revenue streams and ways of improving their business. One way to increase your sales and profit is to bring your business directly to your customers. While e-commerce websites attempt to bring a certain aspect of their stores into people’s houses, businesses are taking it a step further and bringing a version of physical stores to customers. Food trucks, pop-up shops, flea markets, and farmers markets are all options that traditional businesses are using to bring their products and stores directly to customers.

However, bringing your business directly to your customers poses a lot of logistical issues. One of the main logistical issues you find as a business owner that is trying to run a business on the go is credit card processing. Canadianst rely heavily on credit and debit cards to make purchases, and whether you’re in a store front or have a kiosk at a farmer’s market, you need to be able to securely and safely accept customers’ credit card payments. However, unlike at a brick and mortar store, when using different strategies to bring your business to your customers you cannot rely on credit card terminals to process your payments.

Innovations in technology enable business owners to use mobile swipers and mobile credit card readers that can be used to process credit card payments wherever the purchase is being made. Mobile Credit Card Readers can connect via Bluetooth and EMV chip cards, magstripe and accept NFC contactless secure payments on the go. Mobile swipers can turn your iPhone into an on the go credit card processor. Both these options allow business owners to save money when they process credit card payments because by using these credit card processing on the go technology they can avoid higher card not present transaction fees.

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