Full Service Restaurant

Millennium Payment Systems for Full Service Restaurant

Full Service Restaurant

Point of sale (POS) systems are essential for any restaurant including helping the business stay ahead of the crowd, managing customer flow and improving the management of stations efficiently. When it comes to payment processing services and payment systems for a full service restaurant, we have all you need here at Millennium Payment Systems!

Understanding the Full Service Restaurant Industry

As its name suggests, a full-service restaurant is a public dining establishment that offers a comprehensive range of menu available for lunch, dinner and full course meals. Additionally, they offer take-out and beverages as well. A few services available in a full-service restaurant would typically include booth and counter services. Primarily, the food in the full-service restaurant is individually prepared for every customer and served by the restaurant’s waitstaff.

Our Online Payment Systems for the Full Service Restaurant Industry

Whether it’s online, on the go or behind the counter, we provide secure and fast payment options of all types. Reap the benefits of PCI compliant payments, end-to-end encryption and next-day transfers with same rates across cards. On top of that, enjoy no refund and chargeback fees!

  • Accept Mobile Payments

Forget about losing your cards, or getting your cash stolen. You can use our mobile payments instead, equipped with many layers of security features such as face recognition, passwords and fingerprint scans.

  • Accept Online Payments

Expand your customer reach to people all over the world regardless of the size of your company, by using our online payment system. You can save costs too with the online payment system by offering a subscription service for customers.

Our Point of Sales Terminals for the Full Service Restaurant Industry

POS systems help to simplify any monetary transactions in the form of retail sale with a typical cash register. Many modern POS systems offer a blend of hardware and software functions such as card readers and receipt printers.

  • Clover Mini Terminals

They’re a small, all-inclusive sale system with an extreme versatility, making it suitable for a variety of bars and restaurants. They are tiny in size allowing it fit in almost any type of space available; yet they can hold more than enough power to run the full house, front and back. With Clover Mini, build dynamic floor plans and move your orders quicky with ease.

  • Clover Station Duo

Our fastest and most secure POS to date, we bring smart terminal products to the next level. It’s simplistic user design improves order accuracy; reward offering for customers and captures information easily.

  • Clover Flex Terminals

Built for superior portability, the Clover Flex is small and allows you to do business anywhere and everywhere! You can hand it easily to customers, swipe, tap, dip, sign and enter pins with ease.

Why Choose Millennium Payment Systems for Your Full Service Restaurant Business Needs?

If you’re looking for payment processing systems for your business, Millennium Payment Systems is the best choice for you. We have a complete range of high-quality POS systems, from mobile credit card readers, wireless terminals to retail terminals, we have it all!

To find out more about our payment processing systems for your Full Service Restaurant business needs, call us at 1-800-844-6009 today.