At Millennium Payment Systems, we are dedicated to serving various avenues of commerce ranging from F&B outlets, retail stores, e-commerce, internet-based stores, and many more. Our efficient, advanced, and scalable merchant solutions can be easily integrated into any business that requires secure and reliable payment gateways to cater to a range of different customers using different payment methods. In addition, we are a trusted financial mediator and partner with many Canadian businesses.


Industries We Serve

We are a one-stop payment and merchant solutions company that can cater to a wide range of industries, thanks to our fully integrated payment gateways that are versatile and suit the needs and requirements of any business in any sector. We offer reliable and top-industry point-of-sales (POS) terminals and systems that can be adapted to suit the function of many industries. At Millennium Payment Systems, we take pride in being able to serve the following industries:

  • Retail

Our POS terminals and Payment Gateways can be used to manage transactions between your business and customers, allowing them to transfer funds to you efficiently when they purchase goods and services. Our system also eases the hassle of refunds and returns, aiding you in making secure transactions with your customers.

  • Restaurant

From simplifying orders between the waiting staff and the kitchen to managing transactions between customers and the restaurant, the POS terminals and payment solutions we offer can help facilitate the smooth operation of the business.

  • Trade

Our payment systems are top-tier and are fundamental in facilitating trade exchanges and transactions. International trade can be complex, complicated, and expensive as banks charge a premium for overseas transactions – our merchant and payment systems help simplify this process.

  • Non-Profit

Non-profits will require payment systems and gateway to process donations domestically and internationally securely. Our POS system and merchant solutions can be used to generate consistent revenue for branded merchandise sales, manage event tickets, and collect membership fees and royalties.

  • Enterprise

Enterprises will require our payment systems to accept multiple payment methods for various credit and debit cards to cater to a range of customers. Our POS system and payment solutions are useful in managing the exchange of goods and services you offer.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare services require fully integrated payment systems that are efficient to offer their patients the best quality services at the most affordable and reasonable prices. Our POS systems make tracking transactions and inventory management more convenient while making healthcare services accessible through different payment methods.

  • eCommerce

eCommerce requires payment gateways integrated with current commerce operations to facilitate payment of goods and services smoothly. Our merchant solutions make processing transactions from online sales easier and more affordable.

  • Government

Government bodies will require scalable payment systems that are accessible, efficient, and easy to use for the everyday citizen. In addition, our payment solutions can be incorporated into pre-existing systems to manage payment for administrative and processing services.

  • Education

Education providers will require reliable and efficient payment gateways to make their services more accessible to their students, even on remote learning platforms. Therefore, a robust payment infrastructure is key to providing higher-quality education.

  • Professional Services

Providing your customers with efficient and innovative solutions for your professional services is key to improving your profitability. Our payment systems can be fully integrated into your business to facilitate timely transactions smoothly.

  • Travel & Entertainment

Travel and entertainment industries require our efficient and all-in-one payment solutions to make their services more attainable to prospective customers. From hotel rooms to plane tickets to event admissions, our robust payment gateways can be integrated to make transactions more effortless.

Why Choose Millennium Payment Systems?

At Millennium Payment Systems, we value your time and understand the importance of efficiency. That is why we are constantly dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced, cost-effective, and reliable solutions to make processing transactions for your services easier. When you partner with us, you will get assistance from our dedicated and helpful team of customer representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we will gladly help you if you encounter any difficulties while using our payment solutions.


To learn more about our payment processing systems for your business, call us at 1-800-844-6009 today.