When Should You Switch Merchant Processors

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When Should You Switch Merchant Processors

As your business grows and changes, so too will your credit card processing needs. In addition, you may also come to a point where you realize you and your business deserves more than what your credit card processor is providing you. Below are several conclusions that business owners just as you have come to, that demonstrates that it is time for them to change to a credit card processor that focuses on improving the partnership they have with them rather than merely increasing the number of fees the processor collects.

  • Processing fees are way too high: Many businesses are in such a rush to sign up with a credit card processor they often do not read the fine print that includes all the fees they will be charged. Business owners need a credit card processor that provides an affordable processing rate to help businesses grow, and a business cannot grow if they are paying too many processing fees on every sale they make.
  • Risk Monitoring & Security is not their priority: Some credit card processors are more interested in taking as much money as possible for each transactions they process. These merchant account providers do not care that much about risk monitoring or security because when stolen credit card purchases are made, and systems are hacked it is the business owners that suffers and not the credit card processor. If your credit card processor does not provide you with risk monitoring and security features your business and customers are not being protected, and you’re not being provided with an essential service.
  • Customer Service is Terrible: Often the biggest businesses will get the most attention from credit card processing companies while small to medium size businesses are left to wait hours for customer support lines to free up. You need a merchant provider that will respond to you with the speed, support and the technical knowledge your business needs to succeed.
  • You Need a New Payment Method: If your current mode of accepting credit cards is too difficult or time-consuming or the terminals you are using are outdated you may need to switch to a credit card processor that can provide state of the art, yet affordable credit card terminals that can process more credit cards with fewer issues.

Switching credit card processing can be an anxiety-producing decision, but it does not have to be a difficult one. When choosing a new credit card processor make sure they are industry leaders in customer support, security, and affordability.

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